Questions to Ask the SEO Company You Want to Hire

For small businesses like accounting firms, the Internet is one of the best avenues for getting customers. Having a website is a good start for making customers to know about you. However, it is just one part of marketing. Apart from having a website, you should make sure it is found by your prospective customers. You can do this by optimizing it to rank well on search engine page results. You might also want to learn about seo for small business

If you have an idea of what search engine optimization is, you may want a SEO company to help you with the task. A SEO company can help to optimize your website to rank high for various keywords. Ideally, these keywords should be the ones that are mostly searched by your target market. You will come across various small business SEO agencies that may seem fit for your project. This being the case, how do you determine the right one to hire?

The best way to find a good company to hire would be to ask some questions related to optimizing your site for SEO. Here are two questions you can ask:

i) How will you create backlinks to my site?
One of the major ways in which search engines rank websites is by determining the number of relevant backlinks they have. If you already have some backlinks to your website, find out how the SEO company will build additional ones. Your website backlink profile should comprise of both quality and quantity links. Examples of links that the company can build include links from your supplies, government or educational institutions, local websites, a number of free and paid quality directories, and guest articles on relevant and leading websites in your industry. For more info, search on internet marketing for accountants

ii) Can you show me some of your past works?
Ask the company to show you examples of search engine optimization works they have done in the past. Avoid asking for references as no one will provide you with a bad one. Instead, asking to see the current and past SEO successes of the company will give you an idea of the capability of the team. Make sure the company has had success with ranking short keyword phrases rather than long tail ones. This is because it is slightly difficult to rank for short keyword phrases and a company that has been able to rank websites for them knows what it's doing.

Ask the two questions above when evaluating small business SEO companies to hire. Read for more tips.